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Since 2003, over 100,000 hats have been given free to chemo patients in their own home communities!   Hats going to the patient, not the patient going to the hats.

Are you someone willing to use your time, your talent, your yarn and/or material to make hats for cancer patients in your own community?

Cancer does not discriminate.  It is an equal attacker of young, old, irregardless of religion, color, or race.  It is estimated that cancer will become the greatest killer in years to come, even with the strides made to change the odds.

This is an excerpt from a thank you note from a patient where I had taken hats in my community that says it all.

"Thank you so so much for the wonderful hats for us chemo patients.  They have made such a big difference in my life and how I feel when going outside.  Your thoughtfulness is so so appreciated  ...  " 

Additional information below.  Please see other pages for much more infomation!

Chuck’s Hats for Chemo's little hats are never to be sold for any reason.  The hats are distributed directly to the patient through the chemo therapy treatment centers: hospitals, doctor facilities, and radiation centers.  

Free crochet and knit and cloth hat patterns given to interested crafters (see the patterns shown.)  The crafters will provide the yarn and/or cloth to make the hats.  Donations of left over or new yarn may be given to crafters to complete hats is fully acceptable. 

Hats may also be sewn from cotton and/or cotton blends. They are good for the patients during the hot months of the year.  Although, flannel does make good hats, also, to sleep in at night any time of the year. 

The statistics for children having the possibility of  developing cancer by age 20 is given by Stand Up To Cancer: 

1 in 300 - boys.

1 in 333 - girls.

Mission Statement

Chuck’s Hats for Chemo is a decentralized charity, which neither accepts monetary funds nor disburses any funds. No dues, no fundraisers, no salary, nor reimbursements given. Only love for your fellow man/woman by making and giving free hats for chemo patients who live in your own community. It is all about your community's patients.

Chuck taken August 2002, the month before he was diagnosed with lung cancer.