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Over 1,800 hats have been made and donated to cancer patients since 2002 by Ginny in the name of Chuck's Hats for Chemo going to the greater Redding, CA area chemo facilities. 

Scarves to be put over the shoulders of the patients having chemo work wonderfully. 

Lap quilts can be made from scrap fabric.  They can be used by the patients to cover themseelves while taking chemo.

Chuck and Ginny in 1957.  Cupertino, CA                                                          


Hats, hats, and more hats Ginny created, both yarn & cloth, 2005.                     Donated to Redding, CA area cancer patients

Hats made by The Hat Ladies in Corona, CA founded by Susan Brunner.                       The Hat Ladies made and donated over 10,000 hats as of 2012.                They have added shawls and quilts to their gifts for the patients.


Chuck in his formal dress in the receiving line at his son Rob's wedding.  Saratoga, CA  1972

Christmas hats for Shasta Reginonal Hospital's Oncology Departmart on Christmas Day, 2003.

This was Ginny's first hats given away after CH4C was begun.   At that time, it was called Redding Medical Center.  Chuck had three stays in the Oncology Wing, which included Thanksgiving and Christmas and 47th wedding anniversary on New Years Eve, 2002.

Marlise in Southern  CA has made hundreds of beautiful hats for patients in her area.

Shasta Area Chapter of the American Red Cross Hero Award Breakfast @ Win River Casino, Redding, CA, August 2005. 

Closeup of the plaque Ginny received for the hats she had made for the community. She accepted the award in the name of all of the people making hats for the cancer patients.

 More hats by Marlise in Southern CA's for her community cancer patients.   2013


Circa 1954. San Jose, CA.              Pictured is Chuck with his 1952 MG sports car that was the love of his life. 

Pictured are some of the 4,000, plus hats Barbara Kilby's group made and donated in El Paso, TX in the name of Chuck's Hats for Chemo.  Circa 2008

Sandi's hats she made for North Dakota cancer patients.

Redding Searchlight article about Ginny's Chuck's Hats for Chemo, February, 2009.

Redding Searchlight article about Ginny's Chuck's Hats for Chemo, February, 2009.

Closeup of hats from the Searchlight article.

Hat made by Ginny from Millie Prior's quilt stash in memory of her friend who had passed away.

300+ hats from Millie's material.

Pretty Hats!  Photos of some of the more than the  hundreds of Sandra's crochet hats for patients in the Greater Chambersburg area in PA  2012

Just a few of the hundreds of Sandra's fabric hats for chemo patients in the Greater Chambersburg area in PA 2012.  Sandra's hats are a joy to see and wear by the cancer patients.

Thanksgiving Day 1957 with the Hibbard and the Fitzgerald families.             That is Chuck in front row with glasses.

Crocheted hats by Ginny from yarn donated by Pat Topazio from CT, in memory of her sister Barbara, who died from cancer.  2004

Cancer patients need lap quilts donated, also.  June 2012

10 quilts to breast cancer doctor's office.Ginny's quilts made from the scraps left over from cutting out material hats.                   Donated to Redding's Dr. Ian Grady's Breast Clinic for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.

Nearly 1,000 hats made by the Relief Society of the LDS Ward in Schaumburg, IL from yarn donated by an Illinois woman whose mother had died.  The daughter donated the yarn to Chuck's Hats for Chemo to be used to make hats for the cancer patients in Illinois.   The LDS group generously accepted the challenge to use alll the yarn for hats in the name of Chuck's Hats for Chemo for the cancer chemo patients in IL.     2008               

Chuck w/his WW II army buddies. 1946, Camp Beal, CA. Chuck is standing in the middle of the doorway to the PX.

Hats & other items made by Jean Rosencrants' women's group in Lake City, FL.  All made before 2010.


Shawls folded for photo November 2012.  Given to the newly diagnosed breast cancer patients @ Dr. Ian Grady's Breast Cancer Clinic, Redding, CA.    

There is a never ending need for shawls, quilts, hats for an average of 6 new breast cancer patients a month just from Dr. Grady's office.

7 more shawls for Dr. Grady's patients in Redding, CA       December 2012.    The shawl in front shows a portion of the flannel lining, which gives more warmth and also helps keep the shawl from slipping. 

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