Becoming Involved
Hints & Ideas

Gasoline cards:

The American Cancer Society will give a cancer patient free cards for gasoline.  Contact:  1.800.227.2345  That is the main headquarter's number.  They will be able to set up a patient via phone for the cards.  The only qualification needed is "cancer".  


When a cancer patient has chemotherapy, most often they feel ill, lack appetite, and thought of food is distasteful, especially due to nausea.  The oncologist suggested and gave Ginny recipes for high calorie drinks to give Chuck.  Chuck had lost over 30 pounds, and the doctor wanted to stop the weight loss.

Ginny found that the drinks just filled up Chuck's stomach with air.  One morning she decided to make instant pudding hoping that would be temping to Chuck.  When she went to grab the milk, Ginny noticed the whipping cream sitting next to the milk.  She decided to substitue that for the milk.  This is the simple recipe for:

              Chuck's Decadent Pudding

1 - package of any flavor of instant pudding, 2 cups unwhipped whipping cream.  Make as directed.

Dry Mouth:

Many patients develope dry mouth.  There are OTC mouth sprays that work very well.  They can be found in health food stores or any pharmacy section. 

Stoppers Dry Mouth and Thayers Dry Mouth Spray are two examples.

Radiation Burns

Ginny found the Udderly Smooth Udder Cream was so helpful when she found Chuck had developed radiation burns from his prostate radiation treatment.  Then, after beginning Chuck's Hats for Chemo, she suggested to a breast cancer patient, who happen to be an RN and had seen radiation burns, she might consider using the Cream after each day's radiation treatment.  At the completion of her treatment, there were no radiation burns.

Udderly Smooth Udder Cream may be bought OTC or directly from the manufacturer.  Ginny contacted the Company about the success of the cream on radiation burns.  They generously donated about a thousand samples in different areas of the Country for women to help with the crocheters and knitters' hands and also for distribution to cancer radiation sites.


Help with either knitting or crocheting?  Lion Brand has developed an interactive site, plus also drawings on the sites below. 

Knit:  http://learntoknit.lionbrand.com

Crochet:  http://learntocrochet.lionbrand.com