Becoming Involved
Hints & Ideas

All you need is a crochet hook or knitting needles or a sewing machine.  Yet, most important is a willingness to volunteer.  Volunteerism is so important in everyone's day to day life. 

What is amazing, Ginny has had many cancer patients writing they wished someone had made a hat for them when they were taking chemo.  Because of that, these former patients have begun making hats for others who are taking chemo.  What a wonderful way of giving that is!

Some people, who have written, have had family members or friends who have suffered from cancer.  They are so willing to make hats for others and giving of themselves to these patients of cancer.

Chuck's Hats for Chemo is a decentralized charity.  No funds are collected, no funds are disbursed.  Donation of yarn or material is acceptable to the 'hat' makers.  Each person can develop a group or work as an individual.  The goal is to keep every patient supplied with a hat to keep their head warm.

A Canadian woman emailed Ginny.  When she and her husband were on a trip down the Yangtze River in China,   she met a woman who was making hats for Chuck's Hats For Chemo.  How wonderful, even on a vacation that woman was whiling the time away making hats for cancer patients.  The woman passed on the information and address.  The Canadian woman wanted to make hats for her daughter, who was sufferning from breast cancer.  She and her sister who was a breast cancer survivor,  and others relatives and friends made and donated hats for cancer patients in British Columbia.

If you want to start a group, feel free to contact Ginny for suggestions.  It is also a great stand alone project.  If there are any groups formed, which Ginny knows about, she will begin to post them on the site so others may join in if they live in the same areas.

One day, possibly, no one will ever develop cancer.  That is something worth working for, but in the meantime, a hat goes a long way.  The estimate is upward to 100,000 hats have already been distributed through the years.  (2008)

Forward to 2012:  Sent by Sandy in PA from a note to her:

Today I took a meal and your chemo caps to Jane. I included
2 of the crocheted ones and a couple cotton ones. She was so
delighted with them. She has just lost all of her hair and she said
that her head is so cold. What a wonderfully caring ministry!
Thanks so much for your generosity.

Thank you to all who continue to make hats for their own community!