Becoming Involved
Hints & Ideas

NO HATS ARE SENT TO CHUCK'S HATS FOR CHEMO.  Distribute all hats in your own community following the recommendations below.

It is highly recommended you give the hats directly to where the chemotherapy infusion is given to the patients. 

1.  That may be at a hospital's in-patient through Oncology Wing. 

2.  It may be at a hospital's out-patient infusion lab. 

3.  Hats may be taken to where radiation is administered. 

4.  Oncology doctor's offices are another good dropping off point and to surgeons who deal with cancer patients. 

5.  If you have trouble trying to locate a facility for your hats, if you email Ginny, she will try to find one for you.

When Ginny contacted the radiation office where Chuck had received radiation for his prostate cancer, the office clerk said that they just sent any patient off to American Cancer Society.  Ginny spoke with his radiation oncologist and asked to leave about a dozen hats there.  If no one was interested, then she would pick them up for another distribution point.  Just a month or so later, Ginny received an email requesting more hats.

Sometimes it might take a little perseverance, but so worth the effort for the satisfaction of knowing these hats mean so much to the patients.  It given the patient a feeling someone cares about them and their plight, plus so many can't afford to buy anything to cover their head. 

One woman sent an email saying she felt better about herself and willing to go out into the public after she received a hat.  What a way to take one's volunteerism to fruitation is by helping someone feel better about themself. 

Please attach a tag onto each hat.  Other people may become involved in the project with a slight nudge. 

The following is a sample of a tag:


                  Chuck's Hats for Chemo


Crafted by:  ____________________________________

City and State :  _________________________________

Hats free for chemo patients.  Please become involved  in your own community for your cancer patients.